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My Business Journey
Young Living has greatly changed my life , I can’t imagine living without this opportunity.Let me start by telling you about myself. I worked in the financial world for most of my career only to find out that numbers were not my passion. I was very good at it and was well paid but I was bored, I wasn’t happy with the corporate world and I knew there was more to life than working a job just to survive. Does this sound like you? I woke up unmotivated and wanting more. I saw other people living the life we all dream of. I knew I had what it takes to earn that lifestyle but I was just unsure of how to get there. I believed that it took 40+ hours a week at one job for 10+ years to climb the corporate ladder and finally achieve what most of us define as success. Then Young Living kind of just fell in my lap and that all changed.

The Team
In 5 short years, I have empowered over 11,000 people to follow their dream too!
At first, I started using YL due to some health challenges in my family. The products proved to have some amazing benefits and I was looking for a healthier alternative to traditional medicine. My friend who introduced me to YL was my personal trainer for many months, who one day just quit his job as a trainer and began working in Young Living full-time, exceeding his trainer income, and working half the hours. This caught my attention! Wanting that same lifestyle, and having nothing to lose, I decided to start on a journey that has changed my life forever. Three years ago, I was able to completely walk away from my full-time job as a billing administrator. In just 5 short years I have empowered a team of a little over 11,000 members, I generate a six-figure income, and I work half the hours. I am excited to be spending more time with my family and living a life of adventure. Doesn’t this sound amazing!? I was a bit skeptical at first as well, but I wanted to give it a chance because a powerful person once said: “You can fail at the things you don’t love, so why not take a chance on something that you do love?” This is the best “chance” that I’ve ever taken!
Live With More Freedom 
Now I live life with more freedom than I ever thought possible!
I now live my daily life meeting with others who have the same dream I once had, who don’t have a direction to go. I show them how to live a healthier lifestyle while creating a better future for themselves and their family. Network Marketing is the Freedom to be YOU and to live life on your terms. Young Living is the opportunity to achieve FREEDOM while inspiring others to live an abundant, healthy lifestyle!!

Re-Create Your Future 
Does my story resonate with you? Does this inspire you to achieve freedom in your life? Is 2019 the year you leave your 9-5 job? Discover how you can share your passion for health and wellness with others while creating a future that allows you to travel whenever you want, to spend more time with family, and to create your own schedule. 
See how I grew my business while working full time and being a mom until I was able to completely replace my income and work from home, all while traveling the world!
If you are tired of living a standard life because you know you are capable of more, please click below and contact me! I would love to meet for coffee and help get you started!

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